Henry's Letter To Chris Davis

Have you ever confused your performance with your value? Have you ever thought like "man, I'm in a slump in my personal life, I'm in a slump at work, I'm just not feeling great, and I'm not doing my best..." Those thoughts can sometimes add up to thinking that you suck as a person. We've probably all been there and confused that.

So, I'm really inspired by this sweet story. There's a nine-year-old guy named Henry. Nine-year-old Henry is a big Boston Red Sox fan and he had an opportunity to see the Red Sox play the Orioles. The game was during Chris Davis' slump when he was 0-for-54 at bat. And Henry was really bummed out to see that, so he decided that he was going to write Chris Davis a letter. In that letter, Henry said...

"There's two things I want you to know:

First of all, the way you play baseball has absolutely nothing to do with how good of a person you are.

Secondly, you're incredible! You play for the major leagues! Everybody has a slump sometimes. Don't give up, we're rooting for you.


Do we all need a little Henry in our lives? There's an incredible video of this nine-year-old boy meeting with Chris Davis. Not only did Chris read the letter, but he's been carrying it with him all season in his Bible...

Henry and his kindness is not only a great reminder that a little bit of encouragement can go a long way, but also that our worth is not reliant on how well we perform or how much we accomplish.