Here's Some Instant Encouragement

Over the course of Spring Fundraiser, we receive so many incredible comments and prayers. It doesn't feel right to keep them all to ourselves. We hope as you read these, you feel encouraged, inspired, and that you know you are a difference maker when you partner with our station through your giving and your prayers!

I found this station several months ago by riding on I-695. I noticed a car with the 95.1 SHINE-FM bumper sticker. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a gospel station. I've been listening ever since. Thanks for the SHINE you bring to so many! - Yvonne, Essex

95.1 is a blessing in my life. I moved from the area to Berkeley Springs, WV, but through Amazon Alexa I can still listen all the time. You guys are awesome. Thanks so much. - Denise, Berkeley Springs, WV

You have always been there when I need you sharing God’s love. - Cheryl, Edgewood

I hold down two full time jobs and go to school... Y'all get me through! - Yavonne, Glen Burnie

Two years ago, Jesus rescued me from a 26 year drug addiction. I listen to 95.1 everyday and it encourages me and lifts me up. It is a big part of my recovery in Christ!!! It is such an honor to be part of what the Lord is doing through you all!! - Jeffrey, Centreville

It's been on my mind for a very long time to donate, but I found an excuse every time not too. I don't have enough to pay for a whole year but what little I did give today I hope it helps in the long run. Thank you so much for being who you guys are. - Seth, Upperco

I lost my identical twin sister last April to cancer and now I’m facing the same health issues. This radio reminds me that God will never forsaken me. - Pamela, Columbia

The music ministry of this station is a life changer. I am thankful for the support and encouragement that I receive from listening daily. - Danista, Baltimore

This station has played a crucial part in my walk with the Lord. I'm thankful to be able to listen on my commute to and from work. Worship music has always been the way I've been able connect deeply with the Lord. Much love, and God bless! - James, Bel Air

Your station is a blessing to me. I clean a couple of houses each week and I listen while I clean for inspiration. Thank you! - Donna, Bel Air

I listen all day long in my car and at home. My kids sing along with me. Most importantly, SHINE-FM has led our family to walk by faith and foster a child. We are now in the process of adoption and know He is with us through it all. Thank you!! - Lauren, Forest Hill

We have moved to Calabash, NC but stream the station as we can because of the message, music, and on air personalities!!!!!!!!! - Barry, Calabash, NC

“Music touches feelings that words cannot.”
Sometimes when we don’t have the words, when we are in the highs and lows, just one song can fill you up with the Spirit of God. One song can say it all. Much love for all you do! - Janese, Queenstown

My son Cameron and I listen everyday on the way to middle school, and it’s our favorite time to be together and listen and worship together. - Rachel, Millersville

I am a school nurse in a large public school and listening to SHINE-FM on my ride to and from work helps me to focus on my day and also to de-stress. - Jennie, Monkton

I listen to SHINE-FM 24/7. I could not live without the praise music and the positive influence of everyone at this station reminding me that God is in control! Thank you for being here for us. - Nancy, Middle River

I do this every year so that those who need Jesus can have Jesus through your radio station. I hope that this donation will multiply many times over. Keep doing what you are doing! Praise God! - Kim, Gambrills

In honor of those that labored before us, and who had the vision and faith to dream big and believe! WE love SHINE-FM! (and BRIGHT-FM too!) - Courtney, Monkton

SHINE-FM has been a huge blessing for my household - especially for me. I went through a debilitating period of depression in 2018 (still battling but feeling better), and SHINE-FM was a driving force behind getting better. GOD IS GOOD! - Linda, Severna Park

Love and appreciate y'all. So many times, especially in 2010, during a rough time professionally and financially, SHINE-FM encouraged me time and time again. Real life stuff. To God be the glory. - Brandon, Baltimore

Today is my daughter’s 4th birthday in Heaven. It was 4 years ago, shortly after her death, SHINE-FM found me, and I am forever grateful for so many reasons. My heart is lifted and carried by the one and only Lord, our God, through SHINE-FM. Thank you ❤️- Heather, Columbia

I love listening to this station. It has giving hope and purpose when I couldn't find it anywhere else. I hope and pray that your station will help others in the same way. Thank you for being there. - Christine, Timonium

As parents of small children, we feel it's important to support the local family radio station. We love not being able to worry about the content with we have 95.1 on! We also have a special needs son and music is his jam! He knows the words every song! - Megan & Andrew, Joppa

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