Hope From A Tattered Heart

I found this battered and tattered heart-shaped leaf on my morning walk.

Because of its condition, I debated on truly counting it as one of my heart shaped leaf gifts from God, but when I picked it up and looked closer, it occurred to me that, even though the leaf is battered and torn, it's still a heart. 

I thanked God for His little gift to me and for the reminder that no matter how bruised or battered my heart gets, nothing will ever change the fact that it's still a heart.  

Even when my own heart hurts, I can choose to live in the broken pieces or shine through the remaining unblemished pieces. The strength I gain through my own brokenness might be the thing that brings healing someone else.

I know my heart, no matter how tattered and bruised, is still whole in the hands of my Heavenly Father.