Hospice Worker Realizes He Knows His Patient And Does This

When my grandfather was passing away, I remember the kindness and gentleness of our in-home hospice care nurse. Her name was Ernestine and we called her an angel. She helped us walk through his final weeks, and she showed us how to love and comfort him in final days. 

This video is beautiful and bittersweet. Josh Woodward, a hospice worker at the Austinburg Nursing & Rehab Center in Austinburg, Ohio, became an angel to the Redmond family. As Josh was tending to Mary Redmond, he recognized her. She was the woman who taught him how to sing and play the piano when he was nine years old. As her former voice student, Josh took the opportunity to sing one of her favorite hymns to bring her comfort and to show her the difference she made in his life.