How These Young Men Help The Homeless Will inspire You

Have you ever been so moved by a need that you decided you were going to do something about it, even if you weren't quite sure where to start? 

Lucas Patchett and Nic Marchesi decided they wanted to help the homeless in Brisbane, Australia, by providing laundry services, something missing from many shelters. Their goal is to restore respect, raise health standards, and reduce strain on resources.

They purchased a van and a generator and retrofitted the van with two donate washers and dryers, and they follow food vans that reach out to the homeless. While the homeless enjoy a meal, they can do their laundry too. Lucas and Nic also travel to homeless shelters in the Brisbane area, offering to launder clothes for free. 

Sean Wilson, a homeless man using the service, says, "It's pretty awesome. Having clean clothes sort of, you know, gives you that self-confidence that, you know, I might be homeless but I've got nice clothes."

Lucas and Nic hope Orange Sky Laundry will catch on and others will want to join them in helping out. 

For more information on Orange Sky Laundry and to see them in action, click here