How's Your Life?

We like to mark things off. Once we do, we then group them into sets. We take the sets and pull them together to make groups of sets. Seconds turn into minutes, hours into days, weeks into years, and decades into centuries. It’s what we do and best of all – it was designed for us.

Have you ever noticed that we never ask someone “How was your year?” We ask about their day or their week. In the right circumstances, maybe even their month. But you never ask someone about their year. It is too much to convey in a few words. We have highs and lows. There may have been a marriage, a baby, or a first home. There may have been a divorce, a parent’s death, or a bankruptcy. There may have been some of both. How do you balance out the good from the bad over the last twelve months?

You can’t.

God didn’t make us to live twelve months at a time. He gave each of us one life to use as we see fit. 

This lyric from Casting Crown's song, "Already There," has been running constantly on the iPod in my head:

One day I'll stand before You 
And look back on the life I've lived
I can't wait to enjoy the view
And see how all the pieces fit 

God created time for us to mark things down, but He already stands at the end of time as we know it. One day we will see how the celebrations or tragedies of this year fit into the larger picture He has painted for each of us. We will see how our actions, our words, and our lives have affected so many because our one life is the picture within the picture of all He created.

So if you're struggling today, trying to work out all the things that need to be changed, maybe instead of making a resolution to change one thing in your life, focus on changing the one life you are living.