Husband Plants 4 miles Of Sunflowers To Honor Late Wife

(Photo courtesy of Jennifer White)

Don Jaquish thinks of his late wife, Babbette, as a sunflower. To him, "she brightened every room she walked into." Babbette was dianosed wih multiple myeloma in 2006 and eventually passed away from the disease in 2014. She loved sunflowers and wanted to plant them to help others with cancer by brightening their day. After her death, Don began using a plot of his farm in Wisconsin to plant sunflowers to honor his late wife. Friends near the farm donated portions of land to plant sunflowers as well. It wasn't long before four miles of sunflowers were popping up! As a result, Don started Babbette's Seeds of Hope which raises money to benefit families affected by cancer. See Babbette and her sunflowers and more of her story here. 

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