If God Wrote A Love Note To Baltimore, It Might Read Like This

I love Baltimore. Yes, we have our fair share of issues, but one thing is for sure, it's our city and it's ours to share God's love with. And, boy, does God love the people of Baltimore. I imagine if God wrote a letter to Baltimore, it might look a little something like this:

Dear Baltimore, 

I know everything about you. I know what they say about you. I know how they call you "Charm City," yet also "Baltimurder." I know. 

I want YOU to know that I have an amazing, hope-filled plan for you. My plan is to give you a future. I want to give you hope.

Will you trust me?

I am always and will always be there for you. While others may fail you, I won't. When others abandon you like a stretch of row houses in West Baltimore, I won't. I haven't yet.

I know you're weary. I know you're tired of fighting. Won't you come to me? I'll give you rest. I'm gentle and you can find rest for your soul in me.

I love you so, so much. How much? I gave up My own son for you so we could be together. 

I always have, and I always will love you

How many more ways can I say it? I love you. 

- God