If There's One Thing To Learn From The Eclipse, It's This

As I'm reflecting on the eclipse, I'm so grateful for a kind, intentional God of beauty and wonder who loves to teach us whenever we're willing to listen.

The eclipse was an event we had to prepare for. We had to mark it on our calendars and we had to allow uncommitted space in our schedules to participate in the viewing. We had to do some research to find the proper glasses that would allow us to see safely. And some of us had to pay way too much for said glasses. Like, $20 too much.

But being prepared with the open time block and being equipped with the proper tools allowed us to safely soak in the full beauty of the experience. We showed up expectant because we were told that something miraculous was going to happen. All we had to do was be present, utilize our tools, and lift our eyes towards the sun. And then... especially for those of us in the path of totality... what a glorious display of dusk into darkness, and darkness back into dawn at a seemingly impossible time of the day.

I'm reminded that this applies to life too. When we're preparing for something beautiful and new to emerge, we have to allow space and time for the process. Time and space that isn't cluttered with other commitments and distractions. Time to just be present. We have to equip ourself with the proper tools so that we can do it safely and effectively. That tool gathering process also takes time and effort and sometimes a bit of sacrifice. But without the proper tools, we cannot fully see the beauty that God wants to show us.

Then we must come expectant. Expectant for Him to show us great things when we open our eyes, our ears, and our hearts. He loves giving us glimpses of what we think may be impossible. He loves seeing us delight in His creation. He loves turning darkness into light. I think, during the eclipse, He loved showing us that even when all we can see is darkness, the light is still there. The light never fully goes away and it will ALWAYS seep through the cracks to shine through even the darkest times. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of time for the light to fully emerge. All we have to do is believe it will happen, equip our hearts and our minds, and then lift our eyes towards the Light. 

Written by Kristy Brazell. This post originally appeared here and is reprinted with permission.