If You See This At The Beach Resist The Urge To Touch It

Meet the Portuguese man-of-war, a beautiful but dangerous sea creature.

There's no word yet of them arriving at Ocean City, MD, but they have been spotted in New Jersey and most recently made an appearance at South Carolina's Myrtle Beach. East Coast beaches have been put on alert. 

The Portugese man-of-war pack a punch. Their often 50-foot long tentacles are filled with venom. Think of the worst jelly fish sting you've ever had and multiply it. Be careful not to touch it, even if it's washed up on the beach. The tentacles are still able to deliver a significant sting days and weeks after its death. If you happen to get stung by one, immediately apply cold compresses and seek medical attention. 

If you're heading to the beach, keep your eyes open and resist the urge to touch it!