If You've Been Hurt By People In The Church

I remember many years ago working with a young woman who shared with me that she was not at all interested in hearing about my faith in the Lord or going to church because she said, and I quote, “Those people are a bunch of hypocrites.”

When I dug down a little bit deeper, I found out that she had been hurt by some people in a church one time. She had been carrying this around for years.

I begged her, “Please don’t make a mistake of  missing out on a relationship with a real God, a living God, Jesus Christ. Don’t miss out on Him because people got it wrong on how they loved you." We’re always going to get get wrong. I’m going to get it wrong -  I’m probably getting it wrong right now! But if you’ve been hurt by people in the church, I want to encourage you today that’s what we do. We’re imperfect; it’s why we need God. Don’t let it keep you from crying out to Him. He is real, and He wants you to know Him. Believe it or not, there are many, many people living out this faith life with so much authentic love and joy. It’ll help you to be around them. They’re out there - trust me!

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.