It Was Checkmate on Sin from the Very Beginning!

We shared this thought from our friend, Todd Gale, on the show today. So many asked to hear it again, we thought we'd share it here for you. Feel free to share with your friends!

I was looking at a nativity scene last night, and I made a joke that it looked to me like a chess set. 

Wise man takes Joseph, Mary moves two, and this camel is now in trouble.

Then this morning I thought about just how strategic the whole Christmas story is and how all the pieces DID have to come together in a perfect plan for Jesus to be born. Chess games can be long, as every move is considered. In this case, hundreds of years of prophecy and political events had to come together seamlessly.  

For example...God moved the children of Israel into Egypt, but kept His finger on them and then after 400 years put that piece on a different part of the board!

Every expert chess player has a game plan, so did God.  

Once the King was born, He was placed on the board and more pieces started moving... it was checkmate on sin from the very beginning! 

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