Jack's 4 Favorite Alexa Skills

Alexa has arrived at our home. I admit it was all my idea, and I’m hooked! It actually was a Christmas gift for my wife, but I knew I would use it way more. (This is my secret plan with every techie gift I get for Julie). So, what do I like to do with Alexa? Here a few of my favorite Alexa “skills.”

  1. I use Alexa to buy stuff. It is synced to my Amazon account. Alexa knows what I’ve purchased in the past and will search for items that I’m interested in buying and even make suggestions. You can reorder items and track shipping by saying, “Alexa, where is my stuff?” I do this right from the couch without touching a thing.
  2. You can ask Alexa funny questions like…“Alexa, can you beatbox?” or “Alexa, tell me a Star Wars joke.” You can really get creative here! You can even ask her to give you a compliment....and she will!!!
  3. Alexa is great for settling arguments. You can ask everything from “How many ounces are in a cup?” to “What was Raven’s kicker Justin Tucker’s longest field goal?” Find out who is right by saying, “Alexa, am I right?”
  4. And, you can use Alexa to play music. Sure, you can play music from your Spotify or Amazon music account, but might I suggest something free and very awesome? It is The SHINE-FM Alexa skill. Catch your positive hits and favorite personalities by simply saying, “Alexa, enable SHINE-FM.” When you are ready to listen, say, “Alexa, open SHINE-FM.”

Like most of us, I’m still learning new things to do with this little gadget. Is there a skill you or your family love to have Alexa perform? Tell me about it. You can email me at

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