Kids talking about God

HI friends!  On "Mornings with Tracey, Mike and Dave," we've been talking about some of the ways that parents talk to their kids about God. One mom said she loves to use military terms with her boys when describing God. "He fights for you. He's on the front lines," she says. Another single mom told me she wants her kids to know that God is the One who will never leave you or abandon you. Since she and her husband separated, her kids have a fear that people they love will leave them. 

The truth is, God is so much bigger than our attempts to describe him but how wonderful it is to try! For every need, every hurt, every specific thing that all of us is going through at the moment, there is an attribute of God that can bring us comfort. The kids may not always seem like they're getting it, but they are listening, processing, and thinking about it. 

I had a chance to share about my faith in God with my 8 year old nephew a few months ago. I took him through a gallery of artwork that depicted the Easter story. There was a picture of when Peter chopped off the ear of Malchus, and Jesus put it back and healed him. I told Cooper these men were there to arrest Jesus and Jesus healed him. Cooper said, "That does't make any sense! Why would he do that? That's crazy!" And that day Cooper learned about Jesus' great power and mercy on sinners and how God doesn't always make sense. 

And when the kids start getting it and talking about it? Well nothing is cuter, sweeter and more inspiring to me. Do you need a smile today and a simple reminder of what it is to pray? Enjoy this video of kids "getting it."

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