Know Your Core.

We often mistakenly think that our 'abs' are our 'core.' 

The core muscles are:

  • Abdominal muscles
  • Back muscles
  • Muscles around your pelvis

The core is the entire center of your body that doesn't include your arms and legs. So, from your quads up to your chest, front and back.

This combination of muscles work together constantly to stabilize your upright human body. Its stability is what allows everything else to move in space and against gravity.

Today, on day 1, our goal is simple:

  • Stand upright (and look in the mirror if available).
  • Look at the body God so masterfully created.
  • Squeeze/engage your core muscles.
  • Pull your belly button back to your spine as far as it will go.

Pretend like someone is going to punch you in the stomach. When you naturally tighten, THAT is your core. Now just do that 5 times.

While you're doing that, think of the analogy of Christ living in you, at the very center, at the core, and how nothing else can function at its absolute best without that strength. Engage your physical core as you pray over Phillipians 4:3, "I can do all things through him who strengthens me."

Be constantly aware of your physical and spiritual core as you go about your day. 

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