Laughter is Contagious

The women in my family love to laugh- together. And when we get going, we snort. It's not attractive, but it's fun. And we have found that laughter is not only good medicine as Proverbs 17:22 says, but it's definitely contagious. It doesn't matter much what started it, when one of us hears someone laughing, we join in. It's a beautiful thing when we don't know if we are actually laughing at what was supposedly funny in the first place, or if what becomes funny to us is the sound of each other - laughing. 

This lady, Candace Payne, has given me the best belly laugh I've had in awhile. She says the source of her joy is her faith in Christ. So is mine. But sometimes it gets pushed down by the stress of life. I hope you watch this video with people that you love and just enjoy perhaps a much-needed laugh break. 

I've watched a bunch of times but I can hardly wait to watch it again with the women in my family. Let the snorting begin. 

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.