Love Is...Patient

Don't you find it interesting that, out of all of love's characteristics, patience is mentioned first? Maybe it's because God knew this would be one of the hardest, but most important, for us on a daily basis.

Today, you've probably already felt your patience wearing thin.

Your child couldn't find their shoe, even though you've told them a million times to put them away where they belong. 

That twenty minute meeting turned out to be one hour because someone was late and decided to ask irrelevant questions.

The traffic on the Beltway was stopped because of an accident - one you're sure was caused by someone probably talking on their phone when they shouldn't have.

Why do we struggle with patience? Because part of patience is waiting, something few of us are good at doing. Yet our Creator is the King of waiting. He was patient throughout the Old Testament, moving people and places into position, so that Love - Jesus - could be born so that we wouldn't be separated from Him. Throughout the New Testament, He's just as patient so that Love can win in the end.

The motive of God's patience was love. Let's take a note from our Creator today. When we show patience, we show love.

Today's Prayer:

Lord, sometimes I get so frustrated.

Help me today, when I'm on the brink of losing my patience, to remember that it doesn't show Your love. Help me to watch my words, my tone, and my facial expressions that give away my lack of love in the moment. Help me to pause and give the moment to you, so that I'll respond in a way that honors You.