Love Rejoices With The Truth

When has God ever rubbed a mistake in your face? 

When has God ever laughed at you when you made another poor choice?

When has God ever taken delight in you making the same mistake over and over again?

When has God ever said, "Told you so!"

He hasn't, because as the author of Love, he won't.

As sinful people, we'll happily get satisfaction at someone else's misfortune because we think "they finally got what they deserved." We'll feel satisfied when we were proven right and someone has to come crawling to make an apology. We'll feel smug when the person who has the golden life finally has a little bit of trouble like us. We'll nod our heads in agreement that doing something a little wrong is okay, because it's not like we've killed anybody.

God hates it when we rejoice in evil, wrongdoing, or injustice. True love, God's love, takes joy in the truth and what is right. It acknowledges when someone's stumbled and reaches out to help them. Love humbly accepts apologies and doesn't rub the apology in the apologizer's face. Love feels sorrow when others sin, because it knows what being separated from God feels and means. 

Today, if you're tempted to laugh at someone's misfortune or feel smug that they finally got what was coming to them, reconsider. God would never do it you. As His children, He doesn't want us to to do someone else. He wants us to reach out with truth and love, because that's what wins in the end. 

- Today's Prayer -

Dear Lord, 

Forgive me for feeling happy when someone got what I thought they deserved. Thank you for being a gracious father to me and not giving me what I truly deserve. Please help me not to rejoice when wrongdoing or injustice wins. Help my response to be a loving one that always points towards the truth - to You.