Mandisa Given Opportunity To Glorify God on TV

This morning, Mandisa was invited to appear on Good Morning America to share her journey through depression. 

Mandisa told Robin Roberts, “It got pretty bad - to the point where if I had not gotten off that road I would not be sitting here today. I was this close to listening to that voice that told me, ‘You can be with Jesus right now, Mandisa. All you have to do is take your life. It almost happened. 'But God' is what I say. He saved my life quite literally.”

It was the death of her dear friend, Keisha, and disappointment in God that He didn't heal Keisha in the way they were expecting that lead to her deep depression for three years. 

Mandisa admits that she turned to emotional eating and away from her friends during that time. But her friends never gave up on her. It was their persistance that lead her to receiving help. They knew she was going to the movies - alone - and made the decision to stage an intervention there. 

“They had been waiting at that movie theater as I sat there and watched two movies, not just one, they waited there for over four hours for me," Mandisa told Robin. "And they pretty much had an intervention and they said, ‘We love you just as you are, but we love you too much to leave you that way.’”

Mandisa is tells Robin that she is in a much better place now, “I realized I don’t have to be perfect and have it all together. I am a masterpiece in the making, I’m just unfinished for right now.”

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