MercyMe's Bart Shares How Billy Graham Was Moved To Tears Praying Over His Son

It's not like we don't already know what an amazing man Dr. Billy Graham was, but this personal story MercyMe's Bart Millard shared on his Instagram page shows, once again, what a kind man Billy Graham was.

Bart begins by sharing his memory of playing the Rose Bowl, one of Billy Graham's last crusades. 

My 2 yr old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a week before, and I struggled with wanting to stay with my son rather than heading to Pasadena. We informed Dr. Graham's people of my dilemma, and they totally supported my decision to stay home. Then we got a call back asking if I'd be willing to have a plane fly to Texas and get me because Dr Graham wanted to "hug my neck and pray for my son."

Can you imagine that? Billy Graham wants to hug you, pray for you, and will send a private plane just so he could do it! After talking with his wife, they agreed he should go.

When we got to the Rose bowl, we were lead to a covered tent on one side of the stage and, like the 100,000 people in the stands...waited. We watched Dr. Graham's security team congregate on the opposite side of the stage. I remember thinking, "I flew this whole way and they're bringing him in from the other side?"

But it turns out, this was just a distraction so Dr. Graham could have a few moments alone with Bart and the guys from MercyMe.

"Sometimes you've got to create a distraction to get a second to yourself." And there he was. This spiritual giant. It didn't matter how frail he was at that point in his life. To me, he stood 10 ft tall. He shook all of our hands, then placed his hand on the back of my neck, pulled me close and started praying over my son's life. I don't remember everything he prayed, I was too overwhelmed with what was taking place. But I'll never forget when he finished praying and looked up at me, he had tears in his eyes. WHAT?!? This man who has prayed for who knows how many people in his lifetime was moved to tears over my son?!?

Bart concludes this beautiful memory by saying:

Of all the amazing things Dr. Billy Graham has done for the kingdom of God, nothing will resonate more with me than that single moment. Thank you, God, for Billy Graham. And I rejoice knowing, after so many years of faithfulness, he is now truly seeing as Christ sees.

Bart's son, Sam, is now 15 years old and his diabetes journey is the inspiration behind their newest song, "Even If."


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