Messy Hair, Don't Care

The struggle is real.

You get your hair cut and colored and walk out of the salon looking like you never look. And you love it. Your hair looks like a picture in a magazine. You’re in disbelief that it’s really even your hair. And then you go home and try to protect the magic. One more day. I can get one more day out of this miracle if I just don’t sleep. Or I somehow sleep standing up. Or I sleep propped up against my pillow and don’t move a muscle. And my husband doesn’t affectionately touch my hair. And I don’t breathe too much. Yeah.. I can do this. NOT.

Here’s what I’ve learned. There are no days that you can duplicate. Living just to protect the status quo - to keep it all the same, is not living at all. Every day has a new story of new adventures, new mercies, joys and challenges. It’s messy. It’s full of nuances and things to notice.

I’d rather have a mess of a hair day and know that I lived fully... tossing, turning, dancing, my husband’s hands running through my hair. Life is meant to be lived with open hearts and hands, not just holding on to what made you comfortable yesterday or the day before. Trade in self-protection and the illusion of control for Surrender... God’s got something new for me today. I'm not gonna miss it. And bonus: sometimes your hair will even be better the next day, but you won’t really care.

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.