More Candace Please!

She's captured our hearts with her bursts of uncontrolled laughter and sheer joy over a simple thing- a Chewbacca mask that she bought from Kohl's. And now, over just a few days, everyone knows her name because of her video that's gone viral. Over 140 millions views.. 

I love her and I love this so much. Of all the things that go viral and catch people's attention, there is something so sweet and simple and unashamedly adorable about this woman just enjoying a toy. I can't get enough of it. 

And yes I have tried to buy a few of these masks online. Me and 140 million others. Guess what? They are temporarily out of stock! Shocker. 

But I don't have to wait to laugh a lot and enjoy the simple things. Thank you Candace for giving us all permission to "go there."  

Enjoy her appearance on the Late, Late Show with James Corden. This just gets better and better. 

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