My First Year As A Single Valentine And What I've Learned

Angela shared this on the SHINE-FM Facebook page and we just had to share her encouraging words here.

"I've spent the better part of the last 10 years without a Valentine. For most of it, I had a husband; he just had a Valentine that wasn't me. This marks my first year as a single Valentine. 

I can remember when the trouble first started in my marriage... how I consistently measured time based upon how long it would be until I actually had someone to 'love' again. Whether God restored my husband, that was what I was believing and praying for, or whether God, in His goodness, brought me someone else to love who would love me in return. Then one day something changed. The Lord gave me eyes to see that He had indeed already restored 'love' to my life... He restored love... real, true and lasting love, in and through Him. 

Today is Valentine's Day and I'm so grateful to know that because I have received the most amazing love of all, I am now able to freely give that same love through the One who lives inside of me. I can see the world through His eyes of compassion and forgiveness, mercy, kindness, love and grace. Truth be told, I am a princess, daughter of the King, and I will never be without a Valentine.

My prayer today is that we remember that we should celebrate Love everyday... for Love is indeed the greatest gift of all."

Credit: Angela Cuocci