My Story: God Used A Temp Job To Change My Life

I was raising my kids and re-entering the job market after an unfortunate divorce.


Floundering and feeling like a fish out of water in the employment search, a temp agency found a position for me, covering for a receptionist who’d gone on maternity leave.


I sat down at the young woman's desk, feeling so lonely, and not sure how I was going to make this all work. I started to get familiar with the desk and noticed a radio. I reached over to turn it on, thinking some music would help fill the silence and distract my mind. It was tuned to 95.1 SHINE-FM, a place on the dial I’d never heard before.


I listened, intrigued. I almost changed the station to music that was more familiar, but I didn’t. Instead, I kept the dial there. Day after day, God used the station to change me. He drew me to Himself through the music and positive messaging. I could feel the difference in myself.


That temp job led to full time employment, and when the receptionist returned, we became friends.


Through all of this, God brought transformation and healing to my life.


I made a home in unfamiliar territory because 95.1 SHINE-FM was made available to me. The music became the soundtrack of my life and the on-air staff became my new friends. My grown kids and I even went on a SHINE-FM trip to Italy with Dave Paul several years ago! I’m now the ‘3rd person’ at the breakfast table with Tracey and Dave, I carpool home with Jack and Erin, and spend my afternoons and evenings with John and Christina. I am so thankful this station has been there to help me find my way.


- Doretta


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