My Story: God Used SHINE-FM At The ER

Melissa reached out to us on Facebook to tell us how God used SHINE-FM on July 18th, 2015. She had received a call no parent ever wants: her son had been involved in a terrible motorcyle accident and she needed to get to the hospital immediately.

Melissa told us she was sitting in the ER with her son when her phone rang. Naturally, she ignored it when she didn't recognize the number. But when the phone rang again, Melissa said, "I answered thinking it was a family member whose number I didn’t have programmed. It was Beth from SHINE-FM."

Every day, Beth calls SHINE Partners to thank them for their support of our radio station. But on this day, we know God orchestrated her phone call just for Melissa.

"I told her I couldn’t talk and why," Melissa continued. "Her response, ‘Well, I was calling to ask if I could pray for you.’ She prayed with power and we said goodbye and hung up. I was then able to share with my unbelieving son and the doctor and nurse what had just happened. SHINE-FM had NEVER called me before."

Melissa added, "Don’t ever doubt that God uses this radio station. I have been a full time listener for about eight years and a supporter for about five or six. So if anyone out there doubts that God cares for you right where you are, don’t, because He will meet you right where you are in ways that leave no doubt. I love you guys.”

We couldn't have said it any better, Melissa! God cares for each of us right where we are and will sometimes use the most unlikely people to remind you! Melissa’s son fully recovered from his injuries, and she and Beth have spoken and prayed together numerous times since that day in the ER. God continues to use SHINE-FM as a source of encouragement and hope in her life.

If you would like to become a SHINE Partner like Melissa, here's how.