My Story: I Won a Prize In The Nick Of Time

In December, we held a contest called, "All I Want For Christmas." We invited listeners to tell us what they wanted for Christmas, and we'd award a winner up to a $500 prize, courtesy of Steven Curtis Chapman and the JOY Christmas Tour. Kim told us her mother had been diagnosed with cancer. All she wanted for Christmas was one last time for three generations to be together, so we flew her and her daughter to Florida to be with her mother. 

When Jack and Erin called to tell me that I had won the "What I Want for Christmas" contest, I was so excited. I admit that I felt a little melodramatic when I submitted my entry (writing that I wanted to take my daughter to say goodbye to her grandmom who has cancer), because after I wrote that entry, my mother seemed to be improving. But we booked our flight and arrived in Florida on January 2nd, with our departure planned Monday, January 5th.

After a nice visit with my folks, we had decided to leave Sunday at noon to go stay overnight in Orlando, and then fly out early Monday morning. Sunday morning we started packing our bags. We had breakfast with my mom and dad and spent a liesurely morning hanging out.

At 11:15am, I had my bags packed and we were getting set to go when my daughter rushed into the kitchen declaring that my mother was having trouble.

Within an hour, my mother was gone.

She died in my arms.

I was in utter shock. My mom was the crux of our family, the glue that held us all together. We couldn't believe she was gone.

We stayed for the entire next week to help my dad, who is blind and was devastated as we were. 

My mother knew the Lord and passed in peace without pain or fear. I prayed, as she was dying, for angels to escort her to Heaven.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the trip of a lifetime. God had it all planned and knew I was to be there to help my dad. 

I will never forget your kindness.

- Kim