My Story: In That Moment, I Knew My Life Was Changed

I was raised in church and read the Bible every night. I had a good life, and I never really worried about what I needed. I had everything I wanted provided by my parents.

However, I was 17 when my dad suddenly passed away. In that moment, I knew my life was going to change. 

I was mad that he was gone, and I grieved my father and best friend every day. My mom had to work more hours, and I had to get a job to help provide more support. I went to the Bible and prayed every day that God would give me the strength to keep going.

I am stronger now, and I know my dad's death is part of my testimony for people who have lost a loved one to hear and relate to. God can get you through the worst times in your life. My advice is that when you are going through something horrible, don't forget who God is. Even though I lost my earthly father, I have a Father in Heaven and I am a child of God.

- Julie, Bel Air

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