My Story: Last Year, My Life Was Falling Apart

My life was falling apart.

My newborn baby boy had a severe disability and facing those challenges sent my husband into a tailspin of substance abuse. I insisted he go into rehab, even though it meant being left alone to raise our toddler daughter and baby by myself for awhile.

Because of our baby boy's disability, we needed to go to the doctor frequently. That meant constantly packing up a toddler and a baby for car trips. 95.1 SHINE-FM became my traveling companion. Last year, during the spring fundraiser, I kept feeling the tug to give. It was crazy - I had no income besides my upcoming tax refund. But I kept sensing that this was part of the exercise of turning my life over competely to the Lord.  

Last year I trusted that God would move mountains—and He did.

We were completely provided for, including people and organizations who made sure the kids had Christmas presents. My husband was given tools for recovery through Helping Up Mission, and he has not only returned home to us sober, he’s pursuing a Bible degree and shares Jesus at a local rescue mission. We have found a supportive local church, and in December our family experienced a Christmas miracle: our son, whom doctors said would never talk, said, ‘Mama!’ Now it’s all he wants to say!

Thank you for praying for us and for the songs and messages on 95.1 SHINE-FM that are continual reminders of God’s promises

- Sarah

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