My Story: I Will Trust, No Matter What

Growing up, my mom listened to 95.1 SHINE-FM, but I just wanted to listen to pop music. However, as I battled discouragement and dyslexia getting my college degree, I started seeing the gift it was to hear and know these songs. 

I was a young professional during SHINE-FM's Sharathon in 2009. Knowing the difference it made in my life, I decided to join in and become a SHINE Partner. One year after becoming a SHINE Partner, God used a song on SHINE-FM to sustain me through some devastating news.

I’d had some medical tests done around the time of Sharathon in 2010, and in May I found out I had Multiple Sclerosis. The day I got that news, I heard a song titled, ‘No Matter What.’ The refrain said, ‘I know You can find a way to keep me from the pain, but if not I’ll trust You no matter what.’ It became my anthem.

Over the years I’ve had many anthems – songs I’ve heard on SHINE-FM that God has used to bring me through dark places MS sometimes takes me. Every year God gives me songs that refresh my perspective and encourage me. This year, right around the time of Sharathon, will be the anniversary of all those initial medical tests, and I’m so grateful to God for this station and the reminder of His love and the hope we have in Him, no matter what.

- Nikki

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