My Story: People Think I Accidentally Leave My Radio On In My Garage But I Tell Them This

I have a garage where I work on cars.

I leave the radio on 95.1 twenty-four hours a day, every day. Sometimes, when I’m opening or closing, someone’s with me and they’ll say, ‘Hey, you left your radio on.’"

I love to look at them and say, "Yeah, I do that on purpose. I leave the radio on because this garage is God’s. It’s here because of His blessing. If anyone breaks in, I want them to hear the radio – hear those songs and those words – and suddenly realize that they’re messing with Somebody Else’s stuff. Who knows? Maybe it will be a life-changing moment for them."

That's my hope - that anyone... from the guys in my garage... to the customers... to maybe even a thief... God will use just one song as a life changing moment for them like He uses the songs daily for me. 

We never know how God is using this radio station to encourage others! We're so thankful for Ken's partnership and willingness to share our station with all who come into his garage. Would you join Ken and become a SHINE Partner? You can become one here.