My Story: Why I Painted My Wall Green After My Cancer Diagnosis

In November of 2015, Tracey received the news she hoped she wouldn't receive. She had cancer. She was scheduled for surgery a few months later when her husband David, a pastor, found out that he too had cancer. Breast cancer for her; prostate cancer for him. They both needed surgery, and they both needed to receive additional treatments away from home and family. In April, after both of their surgeries, Tracey and David would be traveling to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Chicago.

Just after her surgery, while preparing to go away, Tracey recalled something she read in the Bible, in the book of Joshua. 

In Joshua 4:1-14, Joshua chose twelve men, one from each tribe of Israel, and told them to go to the Jordan River, each carrying a stone to build a memorial as a reminder that God stopped the Jordan River stopped from flowing when the Ark of the Covenant went across. The memorial would serve as a reminder to future generations of what God did for them that day.

After reading this, Tracey was inspired.

“I wanted to place something as a 'stone’ to remind me of God’s provision when I returned from treatment.” 

Her ‘stone’ became a green, decorative wall in her bedroom. As she painted it, the 95.1 SHINE-FM Sharathon was happening. Tracey says, “Listening took all of the toil out of the project and kept my mind on the strengthening power, provision, and faithfulness of God.”

The green wall began to represent new, emerging life, not just for herself, but for the ministry of Christian radio, so Tracey called to support Sharathon.

"I had a great sense of celebrating the marvelous things I would return home to enjoy, and SHINE-FM was one of them.”

Tracey and David received their treatment in Chicago, which Tracey likes to call, with a smile, “their vacation.” They both continue on the road to recovery, still listening to 95.1 SHINE-FM.

"The station is such a blessing, and the Lord has used it to facilitate my peace, love for life, joy, and gladness in the face of adversity. God used the music, spontaneous conversation, and fun 'chit chat' to minister to me through the months of recovery. People need to be reminded that our Lord is a living God, intricately infusing Himself moment to moment into our lives. I’m so grateful to this station for its dedication to sharing that message.” 

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