New Music From MercyMe

New music from MercyMe arrives on March 31st!

The band says, "The core of Lifer is the question of what it looks like to live as followers of Christ that are committed for life."

Lead singer Bart Millard adds that the new album will pick up thematically where "Welcome To The New" left off.

 "This new record is the logical next chapter after our last album, and it carries a new perspective. 'Welcome To The New' was all about grace and identity in Christ; a welcoming to the life of being a new creation by grace. And it’s such an exciting truth to grasp, but then life continues to go on and eventually the newness of that wears off and we need encouragement and support to sustain us." Bart continues, "For me personally, I sing about being new every night on tour and I don't always feel so new. So the album title 'Lifer' and the theme of the record is all about reminding ourselves and others about the victory we have in the end through Christ. We are all in this for life- even on the days when we don’t feel like doing any of it. We want these songs to be a morale boost to remind people of who they are and what Christ has done.” 

You can pre-order 'Lifer' here. Listen for their new song 'Even If' on SHINE-FM now - preview it here.