Nobody Likes Change Unless...

Have you ever noticed one of the only times we aren’t resistant to change is at the start of a new year? It’s probably because we feel like change is in our control.

*We* are the ones making the decision to lose weight, quit a bad habit, etc. It’s much easier to accept change when we’re the ones in control of it, but it's when we start making changes that we realize how little control we have. Try making the decision to lose weight and then watch how long it takes for you to have a 'treat.' This about sums it up for me:

Here’s the good news: God is the creator of change. Among many things, He created changing seasons, temperatures, and lives. Change with God is a positive thing. While change may hurt at times, it's all for our benefit to help us grow into the person He wants us to be. 

Change isn’t easy, but with God anything is possible.

Change can be scary, but with God we have nothing to fear.

Change can be uncertain, but with God we can always be certain He’s with us.

As you encounter change this year - initiated by you or not - don’t forget that God knows all about change, He knows all about you, and He'll be the one in control and will guide you through it. Our job will be to keep our fear in check and let trust run free.