Once Broken, Now More Beautiful

Kintsugi is a beautiful Japanese art form. The artist will take broken pottery and often join it together with precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum. When they are done, the once broken bowl or pot is even more beautiful and is now stronger that it was before.

That sounds a lot like my story. Maybe yours too. One day, like pottery, our lives were shattered either by something we did or something that was done to us. Or, maybe the sheer force of someone else's bowl shattering caused your own pottery to break. 

But there is good news: God can take these broken pieces and put us back together. We are made whole and made more beautiful and more valuable than were before.

I recently had the privilege of sharing my story at Mountain Christian Church in Joppa, MD as a part of their series called "Reclaimed." Hundreds of people were baptized that day at their various campuses. God is reclaiming these lives and making these broken vessels whole again, stronger than they were before and more beautiful.

I get to tell my story of beating addiction often on SHINE-FM. But truth be told, there were some other cracks in my pot that needed mending. I'd love for you to take a moment to press play on the video and hear my story. I'd also love to hear about how God has not only glued YOU back together but made you even stronger and more valuable. Feel free to email me here.

God Bless,


Host of Afternoons on The Jack Show on SHINE-FM.