Orioles' Player Helps Crash Victim

Chris Davis is currently serving a 25 game suspension for taking Adderall without a Therapeutic Use Exeption from Major League Baseball. A decision Chris deeply regrets, apologizing to his "teammates, coaches, the Orioles organization and especially the fans." He might not be a part of the Orioles Magic for awhile but some things are bigger than baseball.

According to tweets from Mid-Atlantic Sports Network's Roch Kubatko, Chris was headed to BWI yesterday afternoon when he came upon an overturned truck on 295. 

Mike Soukup is one of the civilians who was on the scene and helped flip the truck over. This is his first hand account of the accident and how he met his favorite player under highly unusual circumstances.

"I was on my way home from the city about 2 p.m. going south on I-295. I saw the brake lights as I was heading around a slight right-hand bend under the train tracks ... and a massive cloud of dust. I was about five to six cars back. I did not see what happened, but instantly saw the truck laying on its drivers side and a man laying in the pull-over area on the left hand side who had obviously been ejected from the wreck. He wasn't really moving. A man was already running over to him.

"I pulled past the wreck and over to the right-hand pull-off and I saw that there were still two men in the truck and that one of them was trapped halfway out the window. He was pinned underneath the overturned truck. He was bleeding pretty badly and gasoline was dripping out of the truck. The first man waved me over, and he, and I, and a woman started trying to lift the truck off of the pinned man. It was too heavy for the three of us - it was an old, large model pick-up and was VERY heavy. However, within a half-a-minute, another five to six folks had jumped out and started helping. We were able to pick the truck back up onto its wheels - unpinning the man.

"When I turned to look at the first man, I instantly noticed a VERY strong resemblance to Chris Davis. He didn't have any Orioles gear on (so I wasn't sure .. there was no big "19" on him anywhere!), except his tennis shoes were black and orange. We glanced at each other with a "good job" look and I said, 'Chris?' He said, 'Yeah?' 'Chris Davis?' 'Yeah?' I said, 'One (heck) of a way to meet Chris Davis' ... he also said he was RIGHT in back of the truck when it had a tire blow-out and swerved, hit the wall and rolled.

"By that time, lots of people were on the scene and EMTs were starting to arrive. I began cleaning up the tools of the poor guys who were involved in the accident. After I had cleaned up what I could, I considered getting an autograph ... but thought it a bit tacky. By this time, the place was swarming and I didn't want to bother him, so I just went up, shook his hand and said 'Good job and good luck.' Then I got in my car and drove home to tell my wife about the wild story of "How I met Chris Davis (her favorite player)."

              - Mike Soukup via Roch Kutbako of


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