Overwhelmed By Making A Change

“Ugh! I don’t even know where to begin!”

That was me after spending a solid hour browsing through the hundreds of pieces of weight loss advice on Pinterest. Paleo, barre, plyometrics, juicing – all of these words that I only half understood and pieces of advice that I was trying to digest all at once just left me feeling overwhelmed.

I have found that when trying to make a lifestyle change it’s very important to have a big goal. It’s also very important to break down reaching that goal into manageable steps.

I can’t throw away every piece of food in my pantry and refrigerator but I can start by throwing out the sweet tea and chocolate. I can’t run a half marathon this month but I can try to get an extra 5,000 steps in each day. We asked some SHINE-FM employees for one piece of advice that helps them live out their healthy lifestyles. Here's what they had to say...

  • “I live far away, so I leave early in the morning to go to the gym and to avoid traffic. It’s a win win! Less stress. More moving!”
  • "Shop the perimeter of the grocery story so you’re more likely to bring home unprocessed and fresh foods.”
  • “I keep a protein bar in my desk drawer so I always have a healthy snack to reach for when I’m hungry.”
  • “I always keep a frozen meal like EVOL’s Chicken Enchilada Bake in the freezer for the day I just can’t pull it together and make my own lunch.”
  • “I have a bottle or two of water with me at ALL times.”

Carrying water. Being prepared with healthy food options. Making a point to stick to an exercise routine. Little pieces of advice that I can take and start to apply to my daily life without feeling overwhelmed.

What is your “big” goal? Keep it in the back of your mind. Just focus on three things you can do this week that will get you one step closer to that goal!