Marriage Isn't About Staying In Love - It's About This

The hard work of marriage isn’t staying in love. It’s staying in like.

How to Reconnect With God When You Feel Far Away

Do you feel far away from God? Here's how you can reconnect.

She Went To Faith Fest And THIS Happened

Read about one listener's amazing experience at Faith Fest!

31 Reminders for Girls

You may even wish someone said these words to you when your were young.

When Things Get Dark, Remember This

A collection Bible verses that shine a light.

I Am At My Best When I Am A Kite

Am I the only one who feels this way when I fly a kite?

Hurt By The Church?

All of us carry hurt within us. We remember a time a person or a group harmed us, and it's hard to let go and forgive them for it. Sometimes, when it's the church that hurts us,...

I Never Want To Go Back And I Never Want To Forget.

I was working in Bethesda at a production studio. The security guard came in and told us to turn on the TV and the nightmare unfolded right there before our eyes. We tried to call...

God Gives Us A Candle, Not A Floodlight

God will always give us what we need, but not necessarily in the way we want it.

A Lesson In Loving People Well

When people love you well, it's like God is paying you a personal visit.

6 Verses to Remind You of God's Faithfulness

1. "True, some of them were unfaithful; but just because they were unfaithful, does that mean God will be unfaithful? Of course not! Even if everyone else is a liar, God is true....

Pull Up A Chair

Need some answers? Peace? Hope? Pull up a chair.

Quotes On Being Generous That Will Make You Think

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” - Winston S. Churchill

Parents Back To School Prayer

We join you in praying for your children going back to school.

The Music In Me

So much of who we are, who we become, and how we think is shaped by the things that we take in and the things that we think about.

We Came To SHAKE Things Up At The Maryland State Fair

And, boy, did we! Tracey and Todd represented the 95.1 SHINE-FM community in the American Dairy Council North East's Undeniably Dairy Shake-Off Milkshake Contest at the Maryland...

Best State Fair Foods

The definitive guide on what to eat at every state fair.

Matthew West Visits Baltimore!

Did you miss it? Listen to Matthew West's chat with Tracey and watch his hilarious review of Berger Cookies!

Stopping Shame In Its Tracks

Shame and fear can keep us from going to God, but God is always ready to talk.

Back To School Bible Verses To Keep You Encouraged

Download these verses to give you confidence as you go back to school.

The Power Of Words

A speech from 1963 still makes an impact today.

A Prayer For Teachers

Sometimes we don't realize all that teachers do and the sacrifices that they make. Let's take a moment to pray for all the teachers as they prepare for this school year.

A Neighbor Left A Rude Note, But There Was Something They Didn't Know

Read more about how a nasty note ended up bringing out the best in a community.

Get Your Gratitude On!

These facts about complaining might surprise you.

Slave, Servant, or Son?

It's easy to miss the details and importance of Paul's words.

Henry's Letter To Chris Davis

We can learn a lot from Henry..

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

What do you think is one of the top phrases that people Google?

What Are You Chasing?

God's love is better than what's trending and all the things that we chase after.

How Jesus Will Use Your Hands Today

Love this quote - how about you?

Have You Ever Noticed This In The Bible?

Every miracle that occurred was an answer to a problem, even things that didn't seem like miracles at the time.

Is There Grace For Me?

"You have searched me, Lord, and you know me..."

Angel Babies Gown Making Event

When Jack and I saw this event posted on the SHINE-FM Facebook page, we just had to share. If I was in town this weekend, I'd so join in this angel babies gown making event. This...

Story Behind The Song: "Yes I Will" by Vertical Worship

Learn more about the message and purpose behind Vertical Worship's song "Yes I Will"

Oreo Truffle Treat

Try out this quick, no bake recipe!

Seeds Of Prayer

We want to put the prayer out there and get the answer right away, and we know God doesn’t always work that way.

Disney Might Do What?

News is spreading that Disney is planning an *unexpected* remake

A Reminder To Pray

Flags are flying at half staff this week. Why not use that as a reminder?

Get More By Giving Up

I found myself feeling discouraged, sad, and anxious. It's called BURNOUT.

How Do You Respond When Someone Reacts Negatively To Your Positive Change?

Have you ever noticed that when you choose to make a change in your life it can tend to shake other people up?

Navigating Uncertainty When You Feel Hopeless

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are faced with uncertainty...

World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

In honor of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day this month, Erin shares the recipe for her award winning chocolate chip cookies.

When You're Being Tested

If your faith is being tested right now, you might appreciate this encouragement.

A Life Lesson From Up

“I have just met you and I love you.”

Tip From Tracey

If you're looking for a laugh, take a listen to Tracey's hiking tale - you might even learn a lesson or two along the way.

Value In Vulnerability

God is teaching me something in my life right now: it's okay to be vulnerable.

I Didn't Know She Went To Church

Can others see the difference in us?

Finding Your Light

A warmer Sunday of that bitter February - the 10th to be exact. That was the day my world flipped upside down, along with my faith.

A Better Outcome

What you put in to you, affects what comes out of you

Deal Or No Deal?

It's Amazon Prime day! I know there are great deals on all kinds of stuff. But here's what I know about me and "deals". I can be lured in because of all the money I think I'm...

Holding On To Life's Disappointments

Are you letting life's disappointments hold you back?

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