What Gets Me In Trouble

Do you do the same thing?

You Are Seen This Mother's Day

As we celebrate the women in our lives this Mother's Day weekend, I want to say... ...

The Struggle To Hear God In Seasons of Change

Sometimes, the struggle to hear comes down to being silent.

Doing Right May Cost You

Sometimes we know what the right choice is but we're scared to make it because of what it will cost.

Need to Feel Joy?

Need a glimpse of joy? Reading this Bible verse might be what you need.

But Jesus Said Nothing

Four words that challenge me to my core.

How Visiting Israel Has Changed My Perspective Of Easter

I finally understand why people who have been to Israel say, "You'll never be the same."

The Easter Experience

Preparing for Easter, I started brainstorming ways to be fully present.

Your Last Breath - A Spoken Word Poem

What will matter the most when you take your last breath?

4 Easter Snacks That Share the Gospel

Here are four snacks to make for Easter with family, friends, or your Sunday School class that share the Gospel.

Which Coffee Are You?

Here's something fun and silly to share with your friends! ...

5 Things You Should Know Today

These are five things we want you to know about yourself today!

What's My Purpose, God?

If you're asking what your purpose is, here's how to find out.

Love Take Me Over

One thing I've learned about people is they just want to be heard. They want to know someone is listening and that someone cares about them. I think our greatest need is to know...

How Do I Love My Enemies?

Loving my enemies: It’s hard to do. And, honestly, sometimes, it’s my last resort.

3 Things To Do When You're Overwhelmed

Here's some advice from Tracey and Erin.

Out of the Wreck I Rise

Some encouragement from Oswald Chambers when facing trouble.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

I prayed, "God, what am I doing wrong?" and He answered with His own question.

Hope From A Tattered Heart

A lesson from a tiny, bruised leaf.

Finishing Strong

We serve a God who ALWAYS finishes what He starts

Here's Some Instant Encouragement

These comments from listeners like you during Spring Fundraiser will encourage you!

Puppies, Puppies, PUPPIES

Something to make you smile!

Need a Rainbow?

Here are three promises you can hold on to.

My Story: How I Got My Smile Back

Susan shares how 95.1 SHINE-FM helped her get her smile back.

But My Eye WAS On The Ball!

When you feel like you're doing everything right, but everything is going wrong.

In the Storm: Five Things I Choose to Believe About God

What you believe during the storm changes how you make it to the shore.

A Father's Lesson On Trust

This father's lesson on trust and faith is one we've all experienced.

Just Breathe

If you're feeling the chaos, slow down, and breathe.

30 Things To Pray For Your Children

Let this list guide you as you pray for your children.

11 Year Old Teaches Forgiveness

Read about the incredible wisdom and heart this sweet girl has.

You'll See Why This 'Reverse' Poem on Dyslexia Went Viral When You Read It

Jane Broadis, a teacher in England, and her class of 10 year old students recently spent time learning about poems, specifically how to write poems that can have with a new...

A Miracle: Bibles Found Untouched After Fire

Everything should have been burned, these firefighters said. But somehow, the Bibles survived.

Intentional Acts of Kindness

I can’t help but wonder, though, what if I were more intentional with my random acts of kindness?

24 Hours Without My Phone

So, I took the challenge to unplug for 24 hours. Spoiler alert: I survived.

Just Stay Calm

Just stay calm, stand still, and watch the Lord rescue you today.

Sometimes I'm A Jerky Christian

I'm a Christian. And sometimes I don't act like it.

Don't Just Survive Through Life - THRIVE

A lesson on thriving from the story of Joseph.


Keep your eyes, your focus, on the only one who has the power to overcome the distractions and can help you walk right over them.

To Baltimore, With Love 2019

SHINE-FM hosted a Valentine’s Day card making night, where we created handmade cards for hospital patients at Mercy Medical Center.

Download These Sweet Notes For Your Sweetie for Valentine's Day

Here are some sweet thoughts for your sweetie - perfect for Valentine's Day!

What Love Really Is

A journey through 1 Corinthians 13.

Valentine's Day for the Single Person

Valentine's Day can hurt when you're single...but it doesn't have to.

Learning Your Love Language

What's your love language?

The Love Test

Here's a surefire test to see if you're becoming a more loving person.

6 Songs About God's Love

Sometimes we need a reminder of how much God really loves us. These 6 songs will help.

Resources To Help You Become a More Positive Person

Have you resolved to become more positive? These can help!

Free Smart Phone Wallpaper

Grab the latest wallpaper for your phone!

When We Get Hurt

I was at a café when something happened that invoked a reaction in me I never expected.

Unlock The Vault Winner!

Take a listen to hear Lisa's reaction as she finds out from Tracey, Steve, and Dave that she is the winner of the Unlock The Vault contest!

I Admit it - I've Been Choosing To Be Busy Over Restful

Choosing to give up your stressed self to be your best self.

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