Pain and Joy At Christmas

The following is written by Ashley Beach, a member of the SHINE-FM "behind-the-scenes" staff.

On December 10th, nine years ago, I lost my first baby through a miscarriage...right before Christmas.

You know what they talk about during Christmas?

The miracle of a new baby boy, Jesus. Pictures of Mary holding her precious son.

I was devastated.

December 10th and the days leading up to Christmas made the most wonderful time of year the most painful. But this year is different. This year, I gave birth to a son, Hudson.

I still wonder what my child would have been like. The pain of a such a graphic experience still haunts me, but the joy that comes from bringing Hudson into this world overcomes all of that. Miracle. Such a cliche, but nothing else can describe the journey so accurately.

I was blessed to have Hudson, as surreal as it was after losing a child, but I know many other women weather similar storms without the same rainbow. My thoughts and prayers are with them this year. For peace and strength to trust that God's plan just might be more incredible than we could even imagine.