Pray for Big Daddy Weave's Jay

Recently, Big Daddy Weave's Mike Weaver addressed a group of journalists and asked for prayer for Jay, his brother and the band's bass player.

When asked how his brother's health was, Mike answered saying,

 It’s a bad infection in both of his legs that led to him losing both of his feet.

This came in a season where we were really seeing God through the miraculous and hearing stories of that all the time. We’re praying for Jay Dawg - that’s what we call him. His name is Jason, which strangely and purposefully enough means 'One Who Heals.' We haven’t seen the breakthrough yet, and it’s rough and it seems like defeat. I told my dad, "How can we sing, ‘My Story?’" And my dad said, "Because his story’s not done yet."

We’re all in the middle of some thing that God’s working out in our lives. All of us.

But I do know this: God is so good.

Does it mean God doesn’t love Jason because he’s going through that? No.

Jesus said in this life we would have trouble but don’t be afraid because I have overcome the world.

There’s something about the stuff that we go through in this life, in this season, that once we literally step out of this season into eternity, we no longer even have that to respond to anymore. The way we respond to the garbage and difficulty in this life in front of Jesus...that’s an offering to God that can never be made once we’re in Heaven. That’s why we give money why we’re here, ‘cause what are we gonna do with it when we get to Heaven? The streets are made of gold! Money’s not valuable anymore. There’s no pain in Heaven. We want to learn how to respond well to the stuff in this life and we wanna go through it with Jesus, and I’m so proud of my brother because he’s doing that right now.

Please continue to keep Jay in your prayers. If you want to let the band know you're praying, leave your encouragement and prayers below and we'll get them to Big Daddy Weave! You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Dee Wallain says:

Dear Father, Mother, God, I pray for Jay Dawg to be comforted by your Spirit and healed by your blood. I pray that the healing he brings to others through his music with Big Daddy Weave will be returned to him 10-fold. I pray for him that he will be free from anxiety by his faith and by his faith he will be strenthened. God, he believes - help his unbelief. Amen

RJ says:

Typical Christian gibberish. God is always great no matter what happens in your life? Brainwashed individuals!