Pray For Casting Crowns' Mark Hall

Would you please pray for Mark Hall from Casting Crowns?  Here is a post from the band on their Facebook page:

Hey Casting Crowns Family,

I would appreciate your prayers.

Doctors found a solid mass in my right kidney about a week ago. They are 90% sure it's cancer and they are going to remove the entire kidney next Wednesday, March 11th. They believe the cancer is contained in the kidney, which is also a great hope. They will know more once it is out and Pathology can see it. 

I'll be in recovery for a month or a little longer because of the surgery. Please pray for healing and for God's peace for my family.

Praising Him in This Storm,
Mark Hall

Please consider sharing this with others so we can extend the prayers for Mark. If you'd like to leave a note of encouragement for Mark, tweet it to him or comment on the Casting Crowns Facebook page here.