Reminder From A Dad-Of-Daughters

Observation from a dad-of-daughters who's still in-progress:

You might say it while looking down, because you're holding her. Say it. 
You might say it while kneeling, because you've gotten down to her level. Say it. 
You might say it laterally, because she can now look you in the eye. Say it. 
You might say it while looking up, because unlike you, she's not stopped growing. Say it. 
"I love you." Every day. Out loud. While looking at her. 
If you're doing it now, great. Don't stop. 
If it's off and on, keep working at it. And don't stop. 
If you don't, start. Today. Then don't stop. 
Her heart needs consistency, not perfection. 
And that need never goes away. 
The tank never overflows. 
Too much is not possible.
So let's say it. 

P.S. We married someone's daughter.

By day, he's a pastor, a runner (he eats marathons for breakfast), a husband, and a father to teen girls who are growing up way too fast. Todd also runs all of our SHINE-FM live broadcasts like the champ he is!