Seeing Is Believing

In Tanzania, there was a woman who lost her job because she couldn’t see the needle and thread. With no sight and no way to provide for her family, life would be difficult. She heard about a church providing free eye treatments. Having no other options, she walked for several miles to get to the church, where she received treatment. She left with blurry eyes, not because of her vision, but rather from the tears of joy that filled her eyes.

Could you do what you’re doing today without your vision? Our sight is quintessential to everyday life. How we live, drive, work, and even what we eat is often dependent on what we can see. Finding a place to get glasses is almost as easy as finding a Starbucks!

Around the world, though, opportunities to receive proper medical treatment can be extremely minimal. It can be difficult to have access to surgical procedures, let alone basic healthcare. Medical Missions Outreach (MMO) is a missions group based in Baltimore that has heard this call and answered it. MMO works with local churches around the world to provide healing, not just to physical needs, but spiritual ones as well.

Morgan Lippert is a Community Engagement Assistant at SHINE-FM.