5 Practical Tips to Show Thanks

Don't underestimate the power of the words 'Thank You.' We often feel that we have to do grand gestures of thanks, but two simple words mean a lot. Here are some every day, real, practical ways you can show thanks...both to those around you and to God.

1. Keep thank you cards with you.  Tuck them in your desk drawer or car's glove box. You never know when the feeling will strike you to say a simple thank you. If cards are readily available, you'll be more likely to act on it. 

2. Send a card or leave a note that is handwritten. In today's world of texts, emails, tweets, and tags, seeing your handwriting will really touch the recipient.

3. Make eye contact when you verbally say thank you. Saying it as you walk away is passive and will be forgotten. Looking someone right in the eye as you express gratitude will stick with them. A smile doesn't hurt either.

4. Always be generous with your financial 'tip,' but don't be afraid to write a note as well if someone has blessed you with good service. If it's a place where financial tips aren't received or expected, bring a genuine, verbal thank you to the person anyway. Money isn't always what speaks to a person's heart.

5. Start your prayers with genuine thanks before you 'ask' God for anything. It will get your heart in the right place. Then, walk around throughout the day looking for things you're thankful for and call them out loud to God in the moment.