God Signs

I love New York City, but I will admit it's a little intimidating to me. All the people, the cars, the taxis, the aromas, the enormous billboards... it can be so exciting but a bit overstimulating at the same time. Sensory overload! As I walked around Times Square just taking in all the opportunites in front of me like dozens of shows to see, jeans that will make me look skinny, banks that want to invest for me, super heroes that want me to get a photo with them and designer purses for $10 (yes!) heart for the people of this city just ached. I wondered how they were really feeling about life. It's so easy to be caught up in the pursuit of all this stuff. Pleasure, comfort, money... promises of happiness if you buy this or that. I've bought into those promises myself and I know how it leaves you empty.  

And so I found myself silently praying a prayer over this beautiful city with all these precious people from all over the world who are made in the image of God, just wanting them to know what really satisfies the longings of the heart. I prayed that they would know that they matter, that they are loved by God. Just then, I look ahead of me and see the sign I was looking for. The sign we are all looking for. "Jesus Christ loves you." It was hand-written on some posterboard and glued to a stick and being carried by a man. No neon lights or digital images. Just the most important message you'll ever hear. Who knows what tangible results will come out of this unassuming sign-holder's day in Times Square? But everyone needs to know what he's sharing. And sometimes all you need is a sign. 

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.