Sit properly and engage.

When you see someone sitting at a computer, it's likely that they are actually not exhibiting good posture or building any core strength. However, it's a GREAT opportunity to do so. I recently sat in church forcing myself to use proper posture and implement 'engagement' techniques and let's just say that I was very warm.

Here's how you do it.

  • Sit down in a chair.
  • Keep knees slightly lower than your hips.
  • Feet firmly planted on the floor (or a box if you need it in order to get the right angle)
  • Engage the glutes, followed by the rest of your core muscles all the way up the chain.
  • Let shoulder blades fall into back pockets naturally.
  • Hold for at least 10 seconds.

Now repeat 5 times. The idea is to train your body to engage this way as one unit naturally (as opposed to forced). When you find this stability, it will feel peaceful and powerful.

As you do so, think about Psalm 62:2 where it says, "He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken." When you are engaging all of the core muscles togehter in unity, your seated position will feel strong, like a rock that cannot be shaken.

If you missed day 1 and 2 or want to review it, go back to 'Know Your Core' and 'Get in line.'