Six Steps When You're Struggling to Pray

On this National Day of Prayer, we invited Ben Cachaiaras, pastor of Mountain Christian Church to share some thoughts on prayer. He later posted this on his Instagram and we wanted to share these six tips in case you missed him on our show. If you're struggling, intimidated, or just in a prayer rut, we hope this encourages you.

1. Most of us struggle in prayer because of guilt and sense of failure around it. Wherever you are, the Father's heart is wide open and you are welcome. Come in! Accept the invitation. That's prayer. Receive and reflect love with God. Prayer is invitation toward God's heart. 

2. Keep it simple. God honors small words as much as big ones. Sometimes the strongest prayers are the briefest ones. Help! Thanks! Wow! 

3. Keep it real. Don't feel pressured to heap up words or make it sound right. Authentic is more important than impressive. Prayer is the real you and the real God having a real conversation. 

4. Put God first. Begin with how big and awesome God is. It right sizes everything else we need to bring to him after that. 

5. Listen. We may pray in hopes of changing God's mind; through prayer God will often change our own hearts. Listen like Samuel to the voice of the Lord. 

6. When you're stuck, can't seem to say anything, just be quiet. Read Scripture at or to God and let that be your prayer. Borrow a Psalm or the Lord's Prayer or something from the ancients or -- resting in silence in God's presence allowing the Spirit to explain your inner gut feelings to The Father counts.