Stairs Are Your Friend

This post originally appeared on Charlotte Gambill's Instagram page.

Just in case you are tempted to spend this year looking for the short cut or the elevator to get you to where your heart desires, can I save you some time and suggest you take the stairs?

Stairs are your friend in 2016.

Each step you take builds more strength into your story. The staircase will teach you the value of journey and the lessons in your progress.

Yes, climbing stairs can be tiring and at times tedious, but it's the way you sustain the very things your dreaming of attaining. Anything that flings you forward can also throw you backwards.

Stairs keep your momentum consistent and the ground you gain becomes established. Don't waste months or more years of your life trying to leap where you should learn to climb. Don't wish away your days, when you can take the same energy and take more steps.

God will promote, bless, bring favor, but I have found that always happens for me on the staircase that I have already committed to take. He can bring you new landings you weren't expecting, amazing opportunities at different levels, new relationships as you climb. These are all things you miss in an elevator that only has one direction and often no view of anything greater than its own confined space.

The elevator only teaches you how to press a button, limiting your capacity inside its own ability.

The elevator decides your journey and limits who can get in with you at any floor without your approval. If all you're concerned with is arriving then, sure, the elevator may appeal. But if your desire is to achieve great things, then the staircase is your friend.

So maybe renew your commitment to those stairs this year. Let the steps you take be the success you seek and you will find you go a lot further than you thought possible. See you on the staircase. 

- Charlotte Gambill 

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