Stand Tall

Standing with correct posture is way harder than it seems. Just like we train our bicep muscles to lift weights (or heavy grocery bags), we have to train our muscles for how to stand properly.

Before you start this training, note your body temperature. Then, carry on.

Let's take the core awareness and engagement we've learned and put it to work in a standing position.

  • Stand with your feet about hip width apart (approximately two fists if you put them together in front of you)
  • Ground your feet noticing equal distribution of weight across each foot, then the base of your toes, ball of foot, and heels.
  • Engage the core focusing on your abs and glutes. Tuck your pelvis under gently into neutral.
  • Make sure your knees aren't locked.
  • Think about end points between your pelvic bone and your breast bone and lengthen up toward the sky.
  • Hold your chest high and keep shoulders relaxed toward your back pockets.
  • Keep the weight of your head centered directly over your shoulders.

How does that feel? Strong? Confident? Immovable? All of the above, I hope.

Shake it off. Feeling warm yet? Who knew just standing could create so much heat?

Repeat 5 times holding tall, strong posture for 20 seconds. Become taller, but also more relaxed, with each breath.

As you enjoy the strength and power that comes with great posture, think of Psalm 125:1, which says, "Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever."

Next is a rest/recognition day. Then, Bottoms Up. If you missed days 1-3, go back to 'Know Your Core,' 'Get in line,' and 'Sit Properly.'