Story Behind The Song: "Yes I Will" by Vertical Worship

Jon from Vetical Worship gives insight into the message and inspiration behind their song "Yes I Will"

"I was going through the airport, walking and seeing everybody's faces around baggage claim. Then walking out of the airport, I just remember seeing the hardship in peoples' faces, seeing the hurt that they've experienced and that they're probably still going through.
And while I was seeing that, I was listening to the lyrics of "Yes I Will" and it said

"In the waiting, the same God who's never late, is working all things out."

So, even though we're facing hard times, we can still choose a different path and a different tomorrow. The hardship doesn't dictate what we do next.  And I just think that this song could be an inspiration to people in that and that even in the waiting, we can choose to praise and glorify the Name above all names."

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